Kilit Global works unselfishly to provide a pleasant holiday to our guests - beyond their expectations; with our professional, trained, experienced, business-loving and friendly team, who are well versed with the dynamics of the tourism sector.

With the quality and safety of “Kilit Global”, in addition to Russia's two largest tour operators Biblio Globus and One Touch Travel, we offer a variety of holidays that exceed our guests’ expectations, with over 1,000,000 preferring the service of our exclusive operators in the Georgian, Iranian and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) markets.

In utilizing various service channels, Kilit Global strives to provide for every wonderful moment of our guests’ holiday by offering the most exciting activities and tours, the most sensory feelings, the most exotic flavours, and the most memorable experience of sun, sand and sea trio. Our duties commence from the moment our guest arrives at the airport, right up until their departure. Our main principle is to provide the perfect holiday.

Our hospitality and professionalism is a feature which distinguishes us from other companies in the same sector.

Throughout our guests’ journey, whether in our vehicles or hotels, we provide 3G+ Internet access for comfort and pleasure.

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